Adniel Tooling India Pvt.Ltd.

"Adniel… the major specialist in cutting tools for individual machining solutions with the highest precision and cost-effectiveness"
Objective-Quality, close customer contact and early identification of

the developments and demands of the market are Adniel's primary objectives. We have dared to do so because we know that in our Company it comes down to just a few important principles. We want to be close to our customers, be and remain in dialogue with them, think and act for them. Find and form a team which will feel permanently committed to this idea – at all levels of the company. Quality, reliability and innovative strength

Customer Service

Adniel has gained a good faith of customers in the area of customer service. Production planning, maintenance, management and optimisation: the service package takes Adniel's experience and competence from

the process design stage to permanent process optimisation in all customer service areas. We guarantees optimum results for your special applications – and at reduced costs.


Our vision is to be recognized by our customers as a dedicated partner, offering complete solutions for metal cutting. Adniel execute this vision by having a personal commitment to maximizing customers'

competitiveness by providing solutions based on high-efficiency products and associated services.


Enabling Success from the Center of Technology.